Branding, Defining, and Suring Foundations

This student reflection gives some insight into where we are and why.  I’m not going to comment beyond pointing to the way this author posits ownership over clarifying the brand of the class in the last paragraph.  Don’t know if I could ask for more.  There’s much work to be done, but with students likeContinue reading “Branding, Defining, and Suring Foundations”

Rhizomes, Design Thinking, and Learning

This week has been a true learning curve for me.  And I say that after 26 years in the classroom.  I still have much to learn. We began the week by finishing up our design sprint using the Extraordinaires Design Studio.  Students completed a run-through of the Design Thinking (DT) cycle and sketched a potentialContinue reading “Rhizomes, Design Thinking, and Learning”

NOVA Lab–Procedural Info: Grading

Many of you know that I have been shifting, slowly and imperfectly, from using grades (a habit born of . . . oh . . . a lifetime of being graded, earning grades, needing the approval of others, and, of course, “giving grades.” For years I played that game, and I was (am) GOOD atContinue reading “NOVA Lab–Procedural Info: Grading”

Reflecting, Projecting: Co-Designing Curriculum

The past few days we spent doing quick presentations of our Extraordinaires Design Studio projects.  Afterwards, we reflected on the learning coming out of that experience and how it sets us up for what’s to come. Additionally, we’ve been thinking and pooling our ideas about co-designing the curriculum. Where do we need/want to go?  HowContinue reading “Reflecting, Projecting: Co-Designing Curriculum”

Days 9-10: Extraordinaires Design Sprint

For the  past two days, students in NOVA Lab have been experiencing the entirety of the Design Thinking Mindset through the amazing “Extraordinaires Design Studio” @Extraordinaires by Hub Games (@wearehubgames) . I’ve worked with this product before, with middle school students in 2016-17 in a middle school pilot for the company, and also with MS teachersContinue reading “Days 9-10: Extraordinaires Design Sprint”