NOVA Lab Day 7–Getting on the Map

Period 3 What happened? Today in class, we started things off with a game of Funk, Monk, Dunk, which is Rock, Paper, Scissors but more raucous and entertaining. The goal was to learn the names of and then cheer for other people in the class. After Funk, Monk, Dunk, Mr Heidt gave us a layoutContinue reading “NOVA Lab Day 7–Getting on the Map”

NOVA Lab Day 5: In the Dark Finding the Light

By the end of today’s classes, both sections should be in relatively the same place.  Period 3 had read the selections from Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind for Thursday, and Period 9 read them for today.  Both classes also worked at putting up (on padlets) their metaphors of how they saw the issue of aContinue reading “NOVA Lab Day 5: In the Dark Finding the Light”

Early Divisions & Design for Community

On Wednesday, August 28, just the third day of school, I offered to connect one section of my inNOVAtion Lab courses with an online community called “Modern Learners.”  (More information about them is found here.)  I’ve been a member of the community since its inception, and if you are an educator, you ought to checkContinue reading “Early Divisions & Design for Community”

Nova Lab Day 4–The Challenge and Promise of Community

(For most of the rest of the year, students in NOVA Lab will be blogging their reflections on the day’s events.  Here is the next chapter in our story) Period 3– Today in class, we gathered in small groups and discussed our first thoughts on A Whole New Mind. We talked about how the readingContinue reading “Nova Lab Day 4–The Challenge and Promise of Community”

NOVA Lab Day 3–The students take over

The following posts were written by students in Mr. Heidt’s 3rd and 9th period Nova Lab courses.  Take a look at what we’ve been doing. Period 3: Today’s innovative learning was based around a book called A Whole New Mind written by Daniel Pink. The book talks about how our brains have a left sideContinue reading “NOVA Lab Day 3–The students take over”