NOVA Lab–Second Day Reflection

One of the things we’ve discovered is that there are many ways to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  Today was a great example. After we touched back on the contributions we made yesterday about the story of why we took this class, Mr. Heidt introduced us to the poem below. While it might seem a poemContinue reading “NOVA Lab–Second Day Reflection”

NOVA Lab–First Day…First Iteration

Today, August 26th , marked the kick off of what we in this class are designing as a a year of deeper learning and immense good through human-centered design and social entrepreneurship.  Our new, year-long class, inNOVAtion Lab, actually a reboot of a semester-long class that ran in 2016–17 called Design Lab, is modeled onContinue reading “NOVA Lab–First Day…First Iteration”