Reflecting, Projecting: Co-Designing Curriculum

The past few days we spent doing quick presentations of our Extraordinaires Design Studio projects.  Afterwards, we reflected on the learning coming out of that experience and how it sets us up for what’s to come. Additionally, we’ve been thinking and pooling our ideas about co-designing the curriculum. Where do we need/want to go?  HowContinue reading “Reflecting, Projecting: Co-Designing Curriculum”

Nova Lab Day 8: Disruptus Amongus

‘Broke out the good ‘ol “Disruptus” box and moved kids through a quick cycle of combinatory innovation.  Presentations had to point to what the original objects were, then who they designed for, why they needed it, and how it worked.  Though light-hearted, the presentations were prefaced by asking students to treat themselves as professionals.  That’sContinue reading “Nova Lab Day 8: Disruptus Amongus”

Ideas for Projects

I’ll post ideas here whenever I find them.  Everything is open for inquiry, iteration, and implementation. Keep in mind: The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals NASA is looking for ways to clean up space junk. Philly Parking Day Designing for social impact…and fun.         Can We Stop Food Waste? Why are thingsContinue reading “Ideas for Projects”