Welcome To NOVA LAB

Our work in NOVA Lab is to provide the space and the deep time necessary for students to think, create, and establish themselves as purposeful learners whose work has an impact not only on them personally, but on larger communities.

A Collaborative Community of Creators Driven for Immense Good

Our Vision

To Achieve.

“Nova” is in the word “innovation.”  And this is “innovation lab.” But there’s imagery at work here.  Novae are stellar anomalies. They are stars that, periodically (or perhaps only once) become far brighter, hotter, and emit more energy than had been normal for them before they return to a lower magnitude.

Just so, NOVA Lab is a place where ideas will flare up, fill you with energy, and lead you to more powerful learning and accomplishments.  We are all stars here. We will all, at some point, be far more brilliant than we are right now.

Meet The Class & Teacher

No matter the year, NOVA Lab is filled with courageous learning pioneers who are doing more than just “checking off the boxes.” They have taken on the challenge of developing purpose, creating a healthy sense of self, and a vision for their lives.

Our Mission

To Create.

Opportunity is everywhere. Innovation Lab students are seeking out opportunity, and even creating their own. Achieving success is difficult, as failure is always apart of the equation. Creating ways to overcome obstacles is crucial, and it’s a part of what we do here in the classroom.

Each student is on a purpose-based mission to find success within their individual projects. The five basic skills we’re developing are called “The Innovator’s DNA“: Connecting, Questioning, Observing, Experimenting, & Networking.

Innovation Based Class Trips

B.PHL Innovation Fest

Flux Space

Social Entrepreneurship

“Social entrepreneurship” is an approach by start-up companies and entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

Design Thinking

“Design Thinking” is a way of focusing not solely on finding a solution, but rather on the users who are experiencing problems, and then refining the problems, sitting with them, and iterating–coming up with many possible solutions

Purpose-Based Learning

“Purpose-Based Learning” prioritizes intrinsic motivation and helps students to become more engaged in learning experiences through connecting their beliefs and life goals to curricular requirements.

Speak For The Class

Can you offer expertise or time to mentor students?  Or maybe come into the class to speak to us about start-ups, business, or things like project management?

If so, please sign up on the google doc form and e-mail the teacher!