Measure Less, Learn More: Unrulr and The Celebration of Communities of Learning

How giving students the power to document learning in the moment leads to more authentic, deeper learning.

Books, Articles, and Other Resources for Student Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Books Start it Up–The Complete Teen Business Guide to Turning Your Passions Into  Kenrya Rankin Naasel Podcasts/Webinars How to Be a Better Presenter: IDEO Univ. Webinar with Prof. Storyteller and User Interface Designer (includes link to webinar) Videos and On-line Presence Importance of your online presence Finding your idea and solving problems–Student Entrepreneurship. ProjectContinue reading “Books, Articles, and Other Resources for Student Entrepreneurs and Innovators”

Some Links and Resources as Background

Documents NOVA Lab Newsletter 1st Edition 2020: this is the introductory packet that I e-mailed to all parents of students a week or so before class started.  It lays out the philosophical and pedagogical rationale for the class as well as sets a timeline for the work we will do together.  If you are interestedContinue reading “Some Links and Resources as Background”

What Might the Class be Like in Practice?

  No doubt you’d like to know how this class works and why it’s necessary. For that I offer this website:  Startedupinnovation This is the website of a teacher from Indiana, Don Wettrick.  I’ve followed him for several years, skyped with him numerous times, and used Skype to bring him and his students into my classroom. Continue reading “What Might the Class be Like in Practice?”