The Importance of Entrepreneurship in American Schools

When you just find out what one of your inNOVAtion Lab students wrote last year and you’re like, “Whoa! We were only three months into the self-determined learning projects.” More testimony for the truth of the NOVA Lab story.

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In today’s economy, the workforce’s needs are shifting and we find ourselves in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty. Yet, we know who will lead our country into the new era of economic prosperity. Thundering into the workforce, innovators and creators will have the world in their hands, and are allowed to shape it however they want. New abilities being stressed, like critical-thinking and innovation, must be taught in places of learning if we want to see economic prosperity at our fingertips. If students don’t possess the skills necessary to succeed in this modern, creativity-focused economy, it hurts not just the students, but the entire country. An entrepreneurship class that focuses on letting learners find their passion, grow skills such as collaboration and empathy, and work on real world-impacting projects fulfills a curriculum needed throughout every American school. 

download (1)When studying entrepreneurship, students will feel an intense drive to find their…

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A night with the STARTedUP Foundation

This is a solid bit of insight into why everyone ought to take part in at least one of the STARTedUP sessions this year…everyone! I mean in the entire world! Think of the great good that could come of this. Shooting big, for sure. But getting there one step at a time.

Jane Huston

The StartEdUp Foundation (@letsstartedup) | Twitter

Last night, I attended STARTedUP’s first national meeting. Our guest speaker was Ian Adair, a TEDx speaker, and has successfully started up three nonprofit organizations. He is currently the CEO of the non-profit Gracepoint Foundation which focuses on mental health awareness and providing support to those who struggle with mental illness.
We started the night with a really good conversation about the importance of mental health discussion. In this time of social distancing, we have all lost the aspect of face-to-face interaction in our lives, and let’s be real, zoom just isn’t the same thing. I know personally, I found comfort in my school communities particularly my after-school activities, and now that they are all canceled and it’s been really difficult. One thing that Ian said that resonated with me what that while not everyone has a mental illness, everyone has mental health. I find that this is the case…

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A discussion with Natalie Nixon

A fantastic review of how the right person, at the right time, with the right message can put us on the right(er) path. Thanks again, Jane Houston.

Jane Huston

October 13th, Natalie Nixon came to speak for my Innovation class. As a global speaker and author of many books, including The Creative Leap: Unleashing Curiosity, as well as a successful consultant based around applying creativity and foresight; this was an amazing opportunity. The conversation we had a class was amazing, and I think it helped the class put into light why what we have been doing so far this year will be influential for the remainder of the year as we move into more self led projects.

What is creativity?

As Natalie stated, creativity is the engine for innovation. Now, we must examine this carefully because this could lead us into a dangerous trap. The first thing we have to recognize is what creativity is. It is something that lies inside of you, that you have to work towards, it is not something that naturally flows towards perfection…

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Why Nova Lab? (Again)

I wonder why. I wonder why.
I wonder why I wonder.
I wonder why I wonder why
I wonder why I wonder!
(Richard Feynman)

Wonder why…and don’t ever stop.

Thank you for this.

Jane Huston

The 20/21 school will year will be my second year in Nova Lab. Now when I emailed my counselor two weeks after the deadline to submit my course recommendations, I was asking myself why I was taking the same course again? What about this class drew me in so tight I cant seem to let it go?

Walking in with fresh eyes, I thought I would feel sure and confident, my experience from last year guiding my path to new successes. But once more, I am thrown into the clutter of Nova Lab. I am completely lost; the syllabus we had last year (which was a mind map to begin with) has been thrown out the window and community building over zoom can be a bit confusing. But I also realize that this is exactly what I signed up for. I signed up for a class full of innovation and…

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