Existential Questions on Why the Heck I Enrolled in Innovation Lab

One of my students in the new inNOVAtion Lab class muses on what brought her to this mess…I mean this class. (Of course, as anyone who engages in this type of learning knows, it’s inherently messy and not easy to manage. But the payoffs are huge.)

Taja's Digital Porfolio

I think my main attraction towards this class is how open it was. For weeks, I thought “wait, what am I getting myself into? Why is the syllabus a drawing?? Why aren’t things clear?!?!?” Eventually I came to realize… that’s what the class is about. It’s not a normal class with a syllabus and a curriculum and a test Friday, and oh by the way don’t forget about the 40 terms due at midnight.

My brain when I walk into this class.

I’ve always performed well in school, but I can rarely take a step back and say I enjoy what I’m doing. In fact, I don’t think PV’s (or, any public American high school) system works for me–I love learning, but I consider myself a pretty bad test taker. I thrive in situations where I interact with others, whether it’s my classmates or my teachers, and then interact with…

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Designerly Minded High School Humanities and Liberal Studies Teacher Faculty Mentor FIRST Robotics Team #7414--PV Retrobotics. Constantly learning, trying to be more a maker and less a consumer of culture. I believe in the infinite value of a liberal education and the power of design thinking to help make the world a better place.

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