Build Design Challenge: Day 7 Prototyping–Fail early, Fail Often

It’s hard to tell where all the time went. We’ve 4 days this coming week to complete our prototypes, test, reiterate if teams can split to do so, and then build out slide-decks for presentations on 11/12 at .

We’ve so many good ideas, but many are large scale. I’m not sure if that’s my own poor leadership at this juncture in this “new to me” project, or if it’s the nature of the challenge and its community impact requirement. Regardless, these designers are working to produce the best prototype they can for Friday. Here’s CJ to tell us about one such prototype:

inNOVAtor Insights

CJ, Junior

Finally, it is prototype day, we can spill all of the knowledge that has been building up in the empathisize, define, and ideate stages of our design challenge. If you, the reader, are familiar with the design challenge from previous posts it will come to no surprise that we are on a mission to build empathy within our client’s community. If this is the first post you are reading then let me give you some essential background information, our class was given the choice between four people that all are experiencing a different struggle in everyday life. We were told to choose the person that resonated with us the most.

I had chosen Sixto because I relate to how his life flipped upside down more than others during the pandemic (but also because of his unique name). Sixto is a Latino 32 year old Male that teaches to make a living, he is involved in his community but has a hard time getting over health, money, and racial problems. However there was no question to answer, in other words the problems he faces are widespread problems that many face everywhere, so my group had to figure out how to restore empathy in his community before we can begin to think about the bigger picture. That is when our group needed to define the problems and take a deeper look into Sixto and his community.

Now that you get the gist, my group has started with laying out all of the insights we have gathered via the interview videos provided. Everyone had taken notes on Sixto; he is a father of one with a second child on the way, he is part of a hip-hop music club, he relishes the importance of family and community, and he is facing problems with gentrification. Gentrification was a word I have never heard of until this class, it means that wealthier individuals change poorer areas in many ways. You would think that it is good but that makes everything more expensive, to wealthy people it isn’t a problem but to those less fortunate it forces them to move. With this information provided by, we began creating a prototype. 

Now, it is definitely not the prettiest but when explained by our group it will make sense. Essentially we have designed a park theatre, in this theatre there will be entertainment on both screen and on stage live. The theatre will be non-profit accepting donations to families that struggle with gentrification. There will be food trucks of cultural cuisines that can let not only the Latino community but any culture shine. This would be a place for people to erase their mind of stereotypes and to let themselves have fun with whoever they want, no matter the race. The comic/storyboard follows a family that sees a flyer and they make plans to go to the event, the word is spread to others and they enjoy the live volunteer-based performances, cheap cultural food, and provided park swings, slides, and sporting equipment for the younger attendees. Our group thinks that this was the best way to combine our ideas and still hold practicality. We definitely feel as though this is a possible solution if everyone comes together with the sole purpose of living life without a grudge and having fun alongside anyone.

There are still challenges in this design project like finding a location in such a densely populated area (Hollywood, California). We look forward to presenting this idea at on the 12th. I hope I can lead my group to not just a good grade but an outcome where people can see our work and be proud and inspired.

Other ideas for other clients:

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