Existential Questions on Why the Heck I Enrolled in Innovation Lab

Originally posted on Taja's Digital Porfolio:
I think my main attraction towards this class is how open it was. For weeks, I thought “wait, what am I getting myself into? Why is the syllabus a drawing?? Why aren’t things clear?!?!?” Eventually I came to realize… that’s what the class is about. It’s not a…

Brains, Cheetos, and a Theory of Creativity

(The final installment of my blog posts about the B.Phl Innovation Festival. Here’s the first post.  Here’s the second.) On Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, 31 of the 54 students enrolled in NOVA Lab attended the third day of the first annual B.Phl Innovation Festival. While our trip was somewhat shortened (traffic on the abominable SchukyllContinue reading “Brains, Cheetos, and a Theory of Creativity”