Rhizomes, Design Thinking, and Learning

This week has been a true learning curve for me.  And I say that after 26 years in the classroom.  I still have much to learn. We began the week by finishing up our design sprint using the Extraordinaires Design Studio.  Students completed a run-through of the Design Thinking (DT) cycle and sketched a potentialContinue reading “Rhizomes, Design Thinking, and Learning”

Days 9-10: Extraordinaires Design Sprint

For the  past two days, students in NOVA Lab have been experiencing the entirety of the Design Thinking Mindset through the amazing “Extraordinaires Design Studio” @Extraordinaires by Hub Games (@wearehubgames) . I’ve worked with this product before, with middle school students in 2016-17 in a middle school pilot for the company, and also with MS teachersContinue reading “Days 9-10: Extraordinaires Design Sprint”