NOVA Lab Branding


Consider the story:

  • A class about turning the learning over to the learner, but with the support and structure to make sure it’s productive and purposeful
  • A space within the school for you to put your ideas, your passions, your time to use figuring out why things are the way they are, and designing wayS to make it better.
  • A system of learning unbridled from grading in the traditional sense.  Dismantling this system untethers learning from schooling.
  • A culture in which you are to tune into your autonomy, pursue mastery of a specific area of need, and to do both with Purpose and Professionalism.
  • A vision for the class that exceeds our current space and capacity, all with an eye on shifting the very foundations for how we’ve always done schooling to students

How do you tell that story such that, when you are not present, it’s the story people are telling themselves about NOVA Lab?    Remember, design thinking is a great approach to take here.  How do we play off of the needs Students and Teachers have/perceive they have.  Because remember, sometimes people think they have needs when they really don’t…there are alternate causalities.  So how do we convince future users of this class that the story they ought to be telling themselves about learning is one that ought to include NOVA Lab as a cornerstone, or capstone?

That’s the challenge in the branding project.

Of course, there are many ways to tell that story.  (See the post-it notes on branding techniques in the back of the room on the chart paper or also here on this Post-it App Board — You will need the Post-it Note App for that, or this pdf version.)  But I do think holding some empathy interviews with other students and teachers about learning and what their beliefs about it are, especially in school, would be an important and crucial start.

Published by Garreth Heidt

Designerly Minded High School Humanities and Liberal Studies Teacher Faculty Mentor FIRST Robotics Team #7414--PV Retrobotics. Constantly learning, trying to be more a maker and less a consumer of culture. I believe in the infinite value of a liberal education and the power of design thinking to help make the world a better place.

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