A Seat at the Table(s): Designing the Space of NOVA Lab

How did a traditional classroom go from traditional seating used in untraditional but unattractive ways to a flexible, adaptable, agile set up that gives students a seat at the table when it comes to setup and usage?

Back to the Future: Human Centered (Re)Design for the Future of Towns & Cities

These initiatives consider their impact on a much larger geography (the world) and a much larger time frame (designing for the future). Such forward thinking is indicative of people who are concerned about the great good, who understand the necessity for all people to act within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and who are interested in making the world a better place.

Build Design Challenge: Day Three

We’re on our third day of Build.org‘s Design Build Challenge. There’s plenty of time to join. Check out the website! What’s most impressed me about Build.org’s work on this year’s challenge is just how real Build University is trying to keep the experience to the Design Thinking methodology. Today’s work on empathy is excellent andContinue reading “Build Design Challenge: Day Three”